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June 2020 development update

An update on the Sora alpha build from AthliOS founder and CEO, Scott Sechrest. Learn more about what the Sora Air Quality system does and how it can help your business.

Sora tracks several key air quality metrics inside your facility that can affect your members health and performance

Air Quality matters. Sora tracks key air quality metrics like C02 and Particulates. *Studies have shown a correlation between increased levels of Particulate matter and the spread of diseases like Covid-19. In addition, high levels of C02 can indicate increased occupancy and can affect the performance of your members.

*Harvard, April 2020


The Sora Pro and Sora Mini automatically track 15+ critical air quality metrics in real time

Sora’s proprietary tech stack includes 10 premium quality sensors to track and aggregate critical air quality metrics and report them to you and your members in real-time. Additionally, these metrics are stored in the cloud for further analytics and reporting.

Particulate 2.5
Particulate 10
Volatile Organic
Nitrogen Dioxide
Air Pressure


The Sora Display UI conveys safety and confidence to your members

The Real-Time display provides live data regarding your facility’s Air Quality. It also educates members about the function and importance of each metric while informing staff about each individual sensor location and performance of the system overall.


Stay informed about the Air Quality of your facility with detailed reports

Sora’s cloud analytics platform let’s you see and review past data with unlimited customized historical reporting. Your reports let you review system performance at a glance and see common issues and trends to help improve the Air Quality of your facility.

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How many sensors can my system have?

Sora is designed to have as many sensors as your facility requires. There is no limit depending on your needs.

How hard is SORA to setup?

We will customize some of your Sora system before it gets shipped to you. There is also a comprehensive setup wizard when you get started that will guide you through each step of the setup process.

Does Sora collect data if my internet is down?

Yes. Sora is always working and stores data locally. If your internet goes down, it will simply upload data the next time it connects.

How is the air grade calculated?

Your Air Grade is calculated by using 4 primary metrics: C02 Levels, Particulate 2.5, Temperature and Humidity. Sora incorporates recommendations from the CDC, ASHRAE and EPA to calculate these values.

Why is air quality important?

Indoor Air Quality is a vital metric to assess various factors in your building including transmission of infectious diseases, performance and productivity, and general well being. For instance, high levels of CO2 might indicate too many people in a given space which can increase the likelihood of spreading germs.

Why should I choose SORA over other air quality systems?

Sora is the only air quality system designed for businesses that allows you to share your data with members and customers with a public facing UI. This gives your customers confidence that you are taking every precaution to provide a safe and healthy environment. Sora also has a robust cloud component that allows you to review data and run reports to identify ways to improve you facilities air quality.

Who do I contact if there is an issue?

Please contact us at soraservice@athlios.com

Can I generate reports to share with others?

Yes. Sora has a custom reporting system that breaks down every bit of data in an easy to read PDF.